Wednesday, 20 May 2015

the books just keep coming . . .

I'm sorry to say it, but the vintage shopping in Belfast is pretty woeful (though do keep in mind that I come from a city where vintage clothing is, maybe not cheap anymore, but certainly plentiful and I've been pretty spoiled for most of my life).  That said, the used bookstores here in Northern Ireland have more than made up for this over the years.  This week has been particularly fruitful for me:

 "How to Make Up Garments" dates from 1906, and is a pretty rigorous textbook for students preparing for any of several needlework qualifications (the appendix has examination outlines for the "Scotch Code", the "King's Scholarship", and the "Needlework (English) Scheme" exams).  This also has some good pattern draft outlines for things like chemises and whatnot.  In all honesty, I don't ever wear pre-WWI styles, so I'll probably never use any of those, but that cover was too charming and I might end up using some of the techniques or even making a fancy Edwardian pillow case someday.

No date on this one, but looks to be from the 30s which is much more my style.  I have been pretty good of late about not buying any and all vintage sewing books I see unless they have pattern draft schematics in them.  I mean really, how many different instructions does a girl need for tackling fitting issues or setting in a sleeve properly.  This book was too good to pass up though.  There are no pattern drafts, but the range of techniques shown was pretty staggering so home it came.

I'll share some pages from these two books in coming weeks (months even? I mean with 600 pictures in one book alone there's a lot of choice), but please let me know if there's anything you'd like to see specifically.  Is anyone interested in drafts for Edwardian night-dresses? Or 1930s wrist finishes? Do tell.

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