Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Tap Dance Tuesday (and some bonus ballet)

Okay, I have to admit that this one is a wee bit problematic for me given that it was produced whilst Goebbels was basically running UFA studios.  That said, I've loved this song for awhile and damn, that's some good dancing! 

I'd never heard of Marika Rökk before, and that's probably because she seems to have hit her peak whilst the Nazis were controlling Germany.  History is full of people who, though not Nazis themselves were, shall we say . . . adaptable to the circumstances they found themselves in (Coco Chanel springs to mind here).  In my opinion Ms Rökk falls into this category.  

You can read more about Marika Rökk here

Update: I have since discovered this YouTube channel where (if your German is better than mine) you can watch some of Marika Rökk's complete films.  

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